Valeria and Ana Markowicz

Born and raised in Uruguay, Valeria Markowicz began her educational journey by studying architecture in her home country.  Shortly thereafter, Valeria ventured out to Los Angeles to finish her education at the prominent Southern California Institute of Architecture.  After her completion at Sci-_ Arc the soon-to-be designer began her career at a prestigious landscape and architecture firm, during which time she discovered her greatest passions were achieved through true creativity.  She quickly realized the close relationship between architecture and fashion and began sketching handbags during her free time.  Although Valeria continued to live in Los Angeles, she made it a custom to return to Uruguay each year to celebrate New Year’s.  It was during one of these annual New Year’s visits that Markowicz met a woman at a local handcraft market that could bring her sketches to life.  Shortly after creating handbags for herself, the designer began receiving limitless praise and purchase inquiries from on-lookers, urging her to establish a handbag business with her mother, Ana.
As a child, Valeria would spend countless days watching her mother design clothing, paying close attention and learning all about fashion, style and grace. It was during this time that Valeria affectionately nicknamed her mother Aaneta. Memories of these moments sparked the idea to brand their new collection after her mother’s beloved nickname, Aaneta.
With more then 25 years of design and manufacturing experience, Ana was the perfect match to Valeria’s creativity. Inspired by their ability to come together to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation, Ana and Valeria set out to create a unique and awe inspiring handbag line.  They sourced the most luxurious skins and supple leathers, developed custom hardware that would give the bags a flawless mix of polish and edge, combined the materials with innovative design that resulted in sheer accessory perfection.
The pair developed bags that instantly gained popularity among friends and colleagues, thus encouraging Valeria and Ana to officially launch to the U. S market in 2002.  It was not long before Aaneta’s impeccable quality and inventive design landed them on the shelves of high-end department stores like Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, along with numerous better boutiques across the country.
Aaneta grew tremendously in a short period of time, quickly becoming the choice handbag of A-list celebrities including Kate Hudson, Ashley Simpson, Kate Walsh, Rachel Bilson and Hilary Duff and gracing the pages of top fashion magazines like Lucky, Marie Claire, Allure and InStyle.
With years of experience and an infamous collection already under their belt, Ana and Valeria Markowicz are ready for their next venture.  This season they are extremely excited and incredibly proud to announce the launch of an entirely new brand with a very special message…giving back to the community with each bag sold. Aaneta by Valeria handbags will make you feel good and look even better!

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